Servo Motor Cable: 4 Conductor

4 Conductor Servo Motor Cables, made up of 3 power conductors and one green/yellow ground are designed to deliver power to electric motors. Servo motor cables generally have orange PVC, PUR or TPE jackets and are available in both standard flex for stationary applications and high flex for continuous flexing constructions. With the 4 conductor servo motor cable configuration, separate Feedback Cables would be needed for signal transmission in positioning and process control applications.

4 Conductor Servo Motor Cables for stationary applications

LUTZE SILFLEX® Motor Cable TPE, Shielded, orange

  • Jacket: TPE, oil resistant, orange

  • Insulation: PVC/Nylon, brown, black, blue, green/yellow

  • Shielding: tinned copper braid

  • Voltage: 1000V

  • Certifications: 1000V UL Flexible Motor Supply, 600V TC-ER, MTW, AWM 105C°

  • Range: AWG 16 – 8;  4 conductors

4 Conductor Servo Motor Cables for continuous flexing applications

TECNIKABEL USA TKFF390 Servo Motor Power Cable, PUR

  • Jacket: PUR, orange

  • Insulation: polyolefin, black

  • Shielding: tinned copper braid shield

  • Voltage: 1000V

  • Certifications: UL AWM 21209 80C°, CSA AWM

  • Range: AWG 18 – 2; 4 conductors

LUTZE SUPERFLEX® Plus M PUR, Shielded, orange, with one signal pair

  • Jacket: PVC jacket, orange

  • Insulation: special TPE insulation, black

  • Shielding: Tinned copper braid shield

  • Voltage: 1000V

  • Certifications: UL AWM 21223 80C°

  • Range: AWG 18 – 1; 4 conductors