Overview of Appliance Wiring Material UL AWM

by | Mar 12, 2020 | Technical Glossary

What is UL AWM?

Appliance Wiring Material, denoted as “AWM”, is a very large category of wire and cable that covers various industries and constructions under UL standard 758. You can find this type of wire in your washing machine, A/C unit and refrigerator at home. You can also find this type of wire on an automated machine, robotic machine tool or within an electrical cabinet in a factory.

As mentioned, there are many cable constructions for varying industries that fall under the AWM category. UL assigns a different AWM style number for each approved AWM construction and generates a “style page” which describes the construction that makes up that AWM style cable. These specifications include voltage range, temperature rating, conductor stranding, shielding, insulation material and thickness. It also provides the “Use” statement, UL’s determination for the particular use of the product.

Style numbers are derived from 5 categories:

  1. Single conductor, thermoplastic insulation (#1000-1999; 10000+)
  2. Multi-conductor, thermoplastic (#2000-2999; 20000+)
  3. Single conductor, thermoset (#3000-3999)
  4. Multi-conductor, thermoset (#4000-4999)
  5. Single / multi conductor specialty items (#5000-5999)

UL categorizes Appliance Wiring Material as a UL Recognized Component, meaning it’s suitable for use with or in a UL Listed product. In other words, it does not meet the requirements to be considered “listed” or for use as a stand alone product. (See our article about the differences between UL Listed and UL Recognized cable.)

You can search for and review the style pages for each using the UL iQ for Appliance Wiring Materials database. 

Below are just some examples of the AWM styles and series available from Right Hand Industrial in both FLEXIBLE and HIGH FLEXING constructions:

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Single Conductor Hook-up Wire UL AWM 1015

1015                       2464                       20201

1063                      2463                       21695

10587                    2570                       20328

10492                    2571                       21223

10493                    20886                    20626

10012                    20207                    20236

10578                    20233                    21897

20234                    21179