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In a lean distribution model, everything is done with the customer in mind. This is the principle that guides us and our quest to bridge the gap more efficiently between our customers and the electrical wire and cable products they need. We successfully synergize the product portfolios, inventories and services of multiple top manufacturers and master distributors across North America to be a comprehensive online supplier to our integrator, OEM and end user customers. By securing inventory at our suppliers and delivering exclusively via drop shipment, we eliminate any non-value-add activity in the supply chain for a more cost-effective purchasing option.

Partnering with Right Hand Industrial means expanding your procurement power, knowledge, access to inventory, services, types and brands of industrial wire, cable, cable management and automation components.


VFD Cable serves as a critical connection point between VFD and electric motor. Due to the advancements in Variable Frequency Drive technology, a VFD Cable should consist of XLPE type insulation and shielding. Right Hand Industrial helps OEMs, Integrators and Users in lean sourcing of VFD cable. 

  • 3 Power Conductors + GND and 3 Power Conductors + 3GND (3-symmetrical grounds)
  • One and two control pairs for signal transmission
  • XLPE insulations: RHW-2 and XHHW-2
  • Braid and/or foil shields
  • 18 AWG to 500 MCM

Let Right Hand Industrial help find the right VFD cable for your project and budget.

Tray rated cables, UL type TC and TC-ER are used for installation in trays, wireways, raceways and conduit. These cables are often exposed therefore pass more stringent requirements under UL standard 1277. Tray rated cables can be found from a variety of industrial cable manufacturers with many material and approval combinations. Right Hand Industrial can help with the selection and lean sourcing of bulk VNTC, TC, TC-ER, PLTC, PLTC-ER, ITC, ITC-ER and WTTC rated cables.

Let Right Hand Industrial help bring more value into your company’s bulk wire and cable purchases.

The speed in which your machine can communicate with it’s control system is important. Industrial Ethernet is becoming the preferred choice for reliable data transmission. Ethernet cable for industrial environments requires more ruggedized construction and materials. High levels of electrical noise and abrasions have to be considered within a factory and machine setting. Right Hand Industrial supplies a complete portfolio of industrial ethernet cable and RJ45 Connectors for your next networking project.

Since 2018, icotronix® has delivered on their promise of developing innovative and cost-optimized industrial connectors for the automation market, starting with their M23 Connectors. For signal connectors, the options are 12-pole and 17-pole. Power connectors are offered in 6, 8 and 9-pole configurations. Standard versions are pluggable with most M23 connectors and sockets in the market.

Servo Motor Cable – for static and continuous flexing

Robust motor cables designed to carry power and signals from controller to servo motor for purposes of positioning and process control. Applications such as cable carries, c-track, gantry systems, multi-axis robots, handling equipment, etc.