Switching Relays

by TELE®

Switching Relays from TELE® offer several different AC and DC relays across a wide variety of voltages. Switching contacts can vary between 1 and 4 depending on the intended usage. The devices have ben rated for millions of cycles. TELE® has been a leader in this field for more than 55 years, with monitoring relays in operation all over the world. Right Hand Industrial can help you get better oversight with TELE® monitoring relays.

Featured Switching Relays


  • RT Series – Industrial Relay

  • Functions: switching relay

  • Rated Voltage: 12 – 230 AC

  • Output: 2 or 3 CO

TELE® STKR Slim Interface Relay

  • STKR Series – Slim Interface Switching Relay

  • Functions: switching relay

  • Output: 1 CO

  • Set pluggable interface relay; 1 CO


  • RP Series – PCB Switching Relay

  • Functions: switching relay

  • Output: 2 CO (PQ10)

  • PCB relay; 2 CO (PQ10)