Monitoring Relays

by TELE®

Monitoring Relays from TELE® have a wide range of uses. With the TELE E3M10, you can monitor the fill level of a fountain using three sensors. Water too low, the current flow between the sensors is interrupted and the monitoring relay activates the pump for example. Or the power meter with a tripping delay that ensures that no fault messages or optical warning signals are sent to the control system in the event of small deviations. TELE® has been a leader in this field for more than 55 years, with monitoring relays in operation all over the world. Right Hand Industrial can help you get better oversight with TELE® monitoring relays.

Featured Monitoring Relay


  • ENYA Series

  • Measurable Variable: Level

  • Functions: Under, Over

  • Output: 1 CO

  • Level monitoring, Multifunction, 1 CO, Adjustable delay


  • VEO Series – Monitoring Relay

  • Functions: level monitor, 10-functions selectable via rotary switch

  • Supply Voltage: 24-240 AC/DC, coolZoom

  • Measurable Variable: Level

  • Output: 3 SPNO

  • Level monitoring in conductive liquids. 4 probe inputs. Mutli-function. Adjustable sensor voltage. Supply voltage 24-240V AC/DC. 3 normally open contacts with common root.

TELE® G2FW400VL20 24-240V

  • Series: GAMMA Series – Monitoring Relay

  • Functions: window function, phase failure, 110V to 400V measuring voltage

  • Supply Voltage: 24-240 AC/DC, 24V DC/AC

  • Output: 2 CO

  • Frequency monitoring for 50/60Hz power grids; Window function; Recognition of voltage breakdown; Fault latch; 2 CO