Lean Distribution of Electrical Wire and Cable

Bulk copper wire and cable can be a complicated product for distribution. The various configurations, material and approval combinations, lengths, colors and raw material fluctuation make inventory management difficult and expensive if not done right. The physical size of certain SKUs require space and proper shelving. Shipping and handling cable reels is a different process than a box or skid of parts. Then there is the cut-to-length process which requires special machinery. Freight and warehousing overhead, scrap and surplus inventory will inflate pricing with little value-add to the customer along the way.

Our focus here at Right Hand Industrial is customer support, the on-line experience and eliminating non-value-add activity in the supply chain for bulk wire and cable purchases. Our drop ship partnerships with both US and European manufacturers and master distributors gives your company access to more products, brands and inventory from 15 stocking warehouses nationwide. Let Right Hand Industrial show you how our lean approach will bring more value into your company’s bulk wire and cable purchases.

Customer Service

In a lean distribution model, everything is done with the customer in mind. There is nothing lean about our customer service, paramount here at Right Hand Industrial. From general questions and quotations through delivery, we are your trusted "right hand" for quality electrical wire and cable, connectors, automation components and cable management solutions for industrial applications.