Timing Relays

by TELE®

Timing Relays have timer circuits that control the opening and closing of contacts in a device, turning equipment on or off at specific times making a machine or system more efficient. Precise and reliable switching and control in industrial and commercial applications, TELE® has been a leader in this field for more than 55 years, with timing relays in operation all over the world. Right Hand Industrial can help you get better oversight with TELE® timing relays. See also Monitoring Relays and Switching Relays for additional products from TELE.

Featured Timing Relay

TELE® E1ZMLA10 24-240V AC/DC

  • ENYA Series – Timing Relay

  • Functions: Load Alternator – Pump Changer, OFF delay, ON delay

  • Supply Voltage: 24-240 AC/DC, 24V DC/AC

  • Output: 1 CO

  • Load alternator with timer functions (5 functions); 1 CO; Zoom


  • VEO Series – Timing Relay

  • Functions: Flasher Pause First, Single-Shot leading edge voltage controlled, OFF delay, ON delay

  • Supply Voltage: 24-240 AC/DC, 24V DC/AC

  • Output: 1 CO

  • Multifunction (4 functions); 1 CO

TELE® G2ZMF11 24-240V

  • GAMMA Series – Timing Relay

  • Functions: multi-function; Flasher Pause / Pulse, Single-Shot Trailing / Leading Edge with Control Input / Voltage Control, ON delay with Control Input, ON / OFF delay

  • Supply Voltage: 24-240 AC/DC, 24V DC/AC

  • Output: 2 CO, instantaneous contact

  • Multifunction (16 functions); connection of remote potentiometer for time setting possible; potential free trigger input; 2 CO; Instantaneous-contact; coolZoom

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