Flexible PROFIBUS cable with UL

UL CMG, AWM 21694 600V, AWM 20201 600V


Configuration: 1 pair, Flexible or Fast Connect

Conductor: solid and stranded bare copper

Insulation: polyolefin

Color code: RD, GN

Shielding: tinned copper braid

Jacket: special thermoplastic on PVC, violet

One standard for fieldbus communication in automation systems and process control is PROFIBUS, not to be confused with PROFINET (ethernet standard). PROFIBUS cables facilitate communication between their respective Decentralized Peripherals (DP) and Process Automation (PA) applications. Fast connect types mostly have a symmetric construction, enabling the use of special stripping tools for quicker and easier harnessing and installation.


150Ω ± 15Ω

Loop resistance

Solid 22/1 <110Ω/km

Flexible 24/7 <175.2Ω/km

Operating capacitance

Nominal 30pF/m

Rated voltage

300V CMG

Test voltage

1,500V, 50Hz

Temperature range

Moving -10°C – +70°C
Fixed -40°C – +80°C

Minimum bending radius

Moving 15 x cable OD
Fixed 7.5 x cable OD

Burning behavior

Flame retardant per


UL 1685

IEC 60332-3-24

  • cULus CMG

  • UL AWM

  • Meets NEC 392, 800

  • RoHS


• For the cabling of industrial field bus systems like PROFIBUS DP, F.I.P.

• With solid conductor AWG22/1 for hard wiring or with stranded conductor for flexible use and stationary applications

• Automation technology, transport and conveyor technology, machine tool manufacturing

• High active and passive interference resistance (EMC)

• Talc and Silicone free

PROFIBUS, Flexible UL AWM 21694 600V

Part Number Description AWG # of Cond. Nom OD (in)
104344 LUTZE PROFIBUS (C) PVC UL (1x2×AWG24/7)StC 24 2 0.315

PROFIBUS, Fast Connect UL AWM 20201 600V

Part Number Description AWG # of Cond. Nom OD (in)
104293 LUTZE PROFIBUS (C) PVC, Shielded UL Fast Connect (1x2×AWG22/1)StC 22 2 0.307

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