LUTZE A2200403

4 AWG, 3 conductor + 12 AWG, 3 grounds, DRIVEFLEX® VFD Cable

1000V UL Flexible VFD Servo Cable, WTTC, 600V UL TC-ER

Shielded construction:

Configuration: 4AWG / 3C + 12AWG / 3-Symmetrical Grounds

Conductor: class K stranded bare copper, AWG

Insulation: XHHW-2 type XLPE

Color code: black w/ white #s, green/yellow grounds

Shielding: foil tape, tinned copper braid and drain wire

Jacket: oil resistant PVC, black


OD Ø­ (mm / in): 26.4 / 1.039″



1000V Flexible VFD Servo Cable 90C

1000V WTTC


-40°C – +90°C static

Minimum Bending Radius

7.5 x cable OD fixed

Conductor Marking

Black with white numbers and one green/yellow ground

Oil Resistance

Oil Res II

  • UL Type Flexible Motor Supply Cable up to 4/0

  • Meets NEC 336, 392 Class I & II, Div. 2 and Class I Zone 2 per NEC 501, 502, 505

  • UL Types WTTC, TC-ER

  • c(UL) TC, CIC FT4, CE

  • UL 1277, UL 2277

  • P-07-KA130021-MSHA

  • RoHS


  • Flexible XLPE conductors

  • Three symmetrical, insulated grounds (PEs)

  • Non-wicking fillers

  • Effective dual layer shield for best EMC results

  • Specially formulated jacket for oil resistance and easy strip design

  • Crush impact resistant

  • Gas/vapor-tight sheath per UL 1277

  • Low capacitance cable

  • Sunlight resistant

  • Flame retardant

  • Direct burial

  • Talc and Silicone free

  • 1 kV rated XLPE insulation with low capacitance, ideal for applications with high voltage spikes and long cable runs

  • Compliant with NFPA 79 for wiring of industrial machinery

  • TC-ER for use with cable trays without conduit, which can reduce material and labor costs

  • WTTC – wind turbine tray cable rating for use in wind power generation

  • Dry, damp or wet conditions